October 18, 2008

Hot, Chocolaty and Delicious!

So everybody has been telling me to start up a blog for a while now regarding Cocoa and Mac OS X development... I finally gave in today and started one. It's gonna be a blogspot blog for now, but if people actually find it useful I'll probably transfer it over to something more permanent.

I intend to post little things that I come across regarding all things Mac OS X (not just Cocoa programming)... that will include example code, tutorials, issues and random tips as well as the occasional ranting/venting. For now I'm going to focus on Mac OS X development exclusively on this blog... I'll also be posting a link to a google code project that will include all my example code as well as a general framework that I've been developing chock-full of wonderful little Cocoa utility classes.

So stay tuned for all kinds of Coco goodness!!

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